Friday, June 11, 2010

Welcome To: "Peace And Safety In Tumultuous Times."

Although many of us are just now awakening to the stark reality that we are factually living at "The End Times" - as spoken of in The Old and New Testaments - we should remember a very good secular quotation. As President Franklin Roosevelt, once said: "We Have Nothing To Fear, But Fear Itself..." and, of course, he was right. Even with all of the seriously troubling and blatantly perplexing problems going on all around us, "We His People" have a God up in Heaven!

His inerrant prophecies are [now] in the process of being fulfilled and becoming more readily apparent to His spiritually minded children - every single day. Generations of mankind have asked for a sign of His eternal existence, and now they are receiving those signs in full measure. The Seals Of Revelation have been opening all around us - even as our "movement and knowledge have greatly increased!" World War I, World War II, The Return Of Israel, The Cold War, The War On Terror, Worldwide Financial and Economic Collapse... the increasing clamor for: "Peace and Safety," and the arising "New World Order" - which will, so soon, shortly result. The proverbial, "Babylon The Great" is now stepping from the shadows and the entire planet will be filled with great shock and wonderment.

Yes, times are fast becoming perilous, my brothers and sisters, but we shouldn't have been caught truly unaware. For we have all recognized some of the signs with ever greater specificity all along. Most of us, at least, understood the profound significance of: "Our great increase in temporal and spiritual knowledge," or "The return of Israel to their own homeland." What we couldn't conceptualize, however, was [precisely] where in the time line we were. Even now, eyes are opening all across the world in utter wonderment and astonished amazement. How did we fail to see: The Two World Wars and The Two Rumored Wars as mentioned in both: Mathew and Revelation.

The problem has always been one of our prioritized focus! We were so wrapped up in our own daily lives, as to be unable to step back and notice the true picture. Moreover, we didn't want to contemplate the underlying meanings of the spiritual warfare which so tumultuously rages around us. Perhaps, we had even forgotten Yahshua's clear admonition, that: "We war not against flesh and blood, but against principalities and powers, and against wickedness in high places." Regardless, we all missed it, initially, anyway.... Don't beat yourself up.

Now, that I have your attention, I would like to introduce myself up front! My name is Francis R. Barbour and the officially sounding title of "P.D.S.O." is wholly fictitious - as far as any doctoral degrees go. It stands for Professional Doctor Of Spirited Opinion and I will do my best to live up those fanciful credentials. Yahweh isn't a respecter of persons, or their man-made credentials. However, I am a fellow Judeo-Christian Believer, I Love You, and I am no longer afraid of what's most certainly coming! Nor, should you be either....

No, it isn't because I mistakenly believe in a "Rapture." No, it isn't because I foolishly think we can somehow alter, or even slow, the rising tide of our imminent societal destruction. No, it isn't because America will somehow be spared from this worldwide cataclysm. In fact, America is at very near the heart of this issue and may be properly understood as "The False Prophet, or The Beast From The Land!" She is [now] the mere political puppet and vocal mouthpiece for "The Mother Of Harlots."

The One True God "YAHWEH" has promised to protect us - in the upcoming days ahead! Yes, some of us will die... many of us, quite likely... but, Yahweh has already proven His power over the grave and His Son Yahshua [long ago misnamed, Jesus] is the inescapable proof. Moreover, "The Long Awaited Resurrection" of all Yahweh's followers isn't very far away at this historical point. The Key is to be: "Peaceful and At Rest," or to, "Be Still and Trust In Yahweh Your Mighty One!" You are now more than halfway through The First Six Seals having been given in Revelation chapter 6... therefore, hold fast to your convictions and faith, but a little while longer.

Remember, Yahshua is returning: "To destroy those who would destroy the Earth," and, "To set the captives Free...." If you aren't participating in the Earth's ongoing destruction, if you are practicing LOVE toward your fellow humanly brothers, and if you reject The Fear Induced Hysteria - which those wicked men in high places are using to herd you into their spiritual barns - then you are under Yahweh's blessed protection! Yes, there is much that you should be attempting to learn about Him and the snares which are [even now] all around you... but, "Our Father In Heaven is merciful, for He would that none should perish" and there is still a short time [yet] to gain that much needed spiritual knowledge.

I say this, not to make you feel complacent, but rather speaking in "Spirit and Truth." However, do not put it off any longer, The Sixth Seal is the closing date on Our Human Probation! For, The Seventh Seal is the beginning of The Heralding Trumpets... and The Seventh Trumpet is the beginning of His Wrath Upon Babylon. He is now proclaiming to His people: "Come Out Of Babylon [religious confusion] My People, lest you share in her [inevitable] destruction, for the cries have rung out to Heaven and I will not hold back My wrath much longer...."

Although this blog site will focus upon the information, which you will need in the coming days - it is not an evangelistic site per se. It is purely for: Informational, Educational, and Edificational Purposes. I will attempt to point out, or reveal, the numerous traps set before us. I will devote whatever energies I can to strengthening your spiritual faith and highly necessary confidence in Yahweh. I will encourage you to persevere in your walk and your growth. I will try to fully reflect "His LOVE For You..." for that is my sole commission. For more detailed study, however, I can fully recommend: "The Truth About God..." the information there isn't complete but it's still growing and [factually] scriptural.

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