Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Thus, Sayeth The Father: "I AM" and "I LOVE You!"

In rhyme there is reason...
In reason there is love...
And, in time, there is a season -
for all of the above.

Though we, oft, not understand it...
Though it remain hidden from our very eye...
Enshrouded in perceptual darkness -
the spirit within, questions: "Why?"

Why, must one travel...
So far from home,
merely, to unravel -
the mysteries [yet] unknown?

Why, if You are continually there...
Must I labor to seek you?
For, You are everywhere.

Hush, little child...
Never you fear...
For, "I Am" and "I LOVE You!"
Thus, Sayeth The Father:
"I Am and I Will Always Be Here...."

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