Monday, June 28, 2010

Lessons In Love From Our Neighbors: "Free Hugs In Italy...."

As far as, "Lessons In Love" go, this one's magnificent. Every once in awhile, I come across something online which renews hope in my fellow humanity. One of these magnificent oddities is the growing worldwide "Free Hugs Campaign " - whose stated purpose is to merely remind people that they are in fact loved by others. Such a simple physical gesture, as providing someone a hug, can often make all of the difference to that one individual human - living in this often: cold, impersonal, and selfishly driven world! Just take a moment to watch the individual reactions of the everyday people being confronted by "LOVE."

The Free Hugs Campaign is an inspiring success in Sondrio, Italy. See video, above.

You will notice, from the video above, that most people are initially quite timid [or even emotionally disdainful] when the college students first start walking around with their signs. Many of them merely look at them suspiciously or question whether perhaps they are just nuts. And yet, once a solitary individual takes that first step to trustfully embrace them, everyone begins to: lighten up, share a smile, and become startlingly sociable. They have begun the process of realization, that everyone isn't their enemy at all... but rather, many of us are just like them and in need of: human contact, companionship, understanding, and acceptance.

Perhaps, the single greatest Lesson In Love is that we are all human beings... we all have the very same emotional needs to be accepted, to feel wanted, and to be loved! The single greatest tragedy of our modern times is that in all of our rush to: build, produce, and acquire items of purely a physical value - we have forgotten that our own emotional well being is inextricably bound up in our common humanity. At the end of the day, none of us will remember [or even care about] the material things which we have utilized or acquired. But the emotional connections that we've made - over our lifetimes - will surely define our personal existence.

Yahweh Is Existent And Creative Love. Yahshua Is Redeeming And Refining Love. As His one and only family, upon Earth, what kind of Love are we? Remember, Love is an action! Not a soft, fuzzy, and nebulous emotion - which comes and goes at mere will. The Free Hugs Campaign may seem like something small and insignificant to many of us, but it really isn't. The action of reaching out to our fellow human beings is the very foundational basis of All Loving Expressions! A hug may seem insignificant to you now, but when you've happily received one, the world is magically a much better place in which to live... Is it, not?


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