Disclosure Policy

First of all, let me state categorically: "I Do Not Promote Any Other Sites, Concepts, Or Products For Money - Upon This Blog!" As a fellow Judeo-Christian Believer, I have made my choice in whom I shall serve and I require absolutely no compensation do so. Yahweh [My God] and Yahshua [My Savior] have already done far more for me, than I can ever hope to repay! I shall serve them all of my life - out of deep love, well-deserved respect, and heartfelt gratitude....

Bearing this in mind, my blog site does have some indirect methods of theorhetical compensation to assist with its necessary costs and upkeep. For instance, there are Google Ads running upon this site, which - if you click them - will potentially generate a few cents of residual income for this blog. I have also considered offering some Amazon book links [upon which I would get a small commission, if you purchased them], or even placing a PayPal button [for heartfelt donations]. However, I currently haven't done so for several very personal reasons.

In the case of Amazon's books, I cannot possibly read every book that I would potentially display! I have neither: the extra time to effectively do so, nor the monetary means to purchase them. In short, I have been unemployed now for going on over two years and I am completely financially broke. As you can see, I have a serious dilemma now confronting me.... However, book titles and their descriptions can easily fool you, and I would rather err upon the side of recommending only the most accurate and truthful books possibly available - on this type of site. In my estimation, "Spiritual Matters" are far more important than just mere politics!

As far as PayPal goes, I have been so tied up with doing everything else - in this area - that I just haven't honestly gotten around to doing it! I firmly believe, as the scripture clearly states: "The worker in the fields is worthy of his just wages..." however, I have yet to get caught up enough in my necessary chores to even put forth the effort at requesting my own paycheck through such a method. I know, perhaps it sounds crazy, but that is the kind of person I am. After 45 years of life, why ultimately change now? In the end, Yahweh will provide.... He has always provided, so far, and I fully trust in Him! When I can find the time to do so, I'm sure that I'll figure it out. Shalom.


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