Friday, January 7, 2011

Preparing For An Inevitable Future

The "End Times" are now here....
Since we are already in the early stages of Revelation's Third Sealing Event - which has been brought about by the forces of "Babylon The Great" in the forming of its New World Order - there is now very little time to prepare for what is so rapidly approaching. However, those [now] awakening to this new set of circumstances need not panic and fear. For, Yahweh still watches over His Own People and He has provided for those who will Honestly and Faithfully Listen!

Although many have effectively placed their trust in Silver and Gold - in their natural understanding of where our world is headed - the poor man need not actually acquire such things. In fact, they may provide a significant stumbling block towards your eventual success. The "End Time Period" will absolutely require both Physical and Spiritual Adaptation upon the part of Yahweh's children; and trusting in one's wealth alone is a very serious trap for most people!

The single most important "End Time" Preparation that The Judeo-Christian Believer can make is to: Prayerfully Read, Spiritually Understand, and Reverently Heed the writings of Yahweh's Sacred Scriptures for himself. There are now a great many spiritual deceivers within positions of leadership and power. This is particularly true within the various Traditional Churches and Synagogues Worldwide. For, no "End Of Times" Plan could ever hope to succeed without them!

Next, we must properly understand where we are within Yahweh's Prophetically Given Time-Line! We have had: "Wars and Rumors Of Wars, but The End is not yet..." for we are only living within The Third Seal of Revelation and four more woes [yet] remain unopened. Nor, has The Third Sealing Event even now reached its inevitable fulfillment and final completion... for, it shall grow increasingly worse within our very near and immediate future. I say this, not to scare you, but rather [merely] to truthfully inform. We have much Spiritual Travail, still remaining, in front of us.

  • "But, be of good cheer: For Yahshua has overcome the world, and He has gone to prepare a place for us. That where He is, there we might be also."

Finally, we must Act Accordingly. This is where some Common Sense Preparations must be Effectively and Obediently Employed! We are now entering a period of: Economic Hyperinflation, Unparalleled Financial Speculation, and An Artificial Scarcity Of Goods - as Yahweh's Prophets so long ago predicted. Nor, shall any amount of: Pleasant Thinking, Unwarranted Optimism, and/or Political Tinkering alter this Impending Economic Outcome in any way... for, The Forces Of Political Darkness - within our own human governments - are fully behind it! Please, be [honestly] aware of this....

Yahweh is "The God Of Understanding;" and "He desires nothing more than for you to turn away from that which is evil and be healed." This is why, He so openly declared: "The End, From The Very Beginning..." that you, whom He loves, might be spared "In Jacob's Time Of Trouble!" Will you, listen now, O Israel? The Entire Earth shall be soon listening, by the opening of The Sixth Seal... should you not understand, just a little more, than them? Or, are our consciences that Emotionally Seared and Spiritually Jaded?

Proper Preparations For: "The Third Seal Of Revelation" Will Include....

1.) Getting One's Financial House In Order: 
  • Pay off your Personal Debts and Mortgages! If necessary, sell your assets and downsize - until you are essentially debt free. 
  • Pay your Property Taxes in advance - if and whenever possible.
  • Convert some of your Personal Assets into real coinage, or trade-able commodities.
  • And, Most Importantly, Stop Investing Blindly in "Babylon The Great..." she is not, nor ever has been, Yahweh's servant!
2.) Becoming Largely Self-Sufficient:
  • Plant Fruit Trees and Perennial Food Bearing Plants within a close proximity of your home.
  • Acquire Seed Stocks and practice growing your own Vegetable Gardens.
  • Train yourselves in Self-Sufficiency Skills and practice being as Frugal as humanly possible.
3.) Devote Time For Yahweh:
  • Set Time Aside for: Bible Study, Personal Prayer, and Necessary Spiritual Reflection.
  • Put an effort into Faithfully Observing His Scriptural Sabbath Day.
  • Expect your Children and Families to openly participate with you.

Although there is much more that we can do, along these lines, we need not be panicked or fearful. Yahweh understands the deep-seated fears of Righteous Men... and He will provide, for them, everything necessary for their Ultimate Survival! For He knows His children most intimately; and that knowledge includes both their: Spiritual Strengths and Human Weaknesses. Above all else, Place Your Trust Fully In Him! Shalom.


  1. Amen. Every day I hope today is the day I am Raptured away from this Godless world.

  2. So if we are already in the Time of Jacob's Trouble, What does it matter if we have our financials in order?

    What about Ezekiel 38 war? What about the rapture of the church so that we don't have to endure the wrath of the Almighty. What about the Antichrist, the Temple in Jerusalem, the 7 year peace treaty Israel has yet to sign.

    I can't understand how folks can read the Bible and miss the entire point. There is no great mystery to the Word of God. Why would He make it difficult for us to understand when His whole purpose is reconciliation with mankind. He even says: those with eyes to see will see, those with ears to hear will hear. Sometimes, too much study can hide the truth.

    The Signs Daily - Bible prophecy studies that won't leave you behind

  3. Perhaps, you should visit my other site: "America In Prophecy."

    But, in case you don't - I'll take it point by point....

    I. - Jacob's [ or Israel's ] Trouble is over their failure to: "Worship Yahweh In Spirit And In Truth."

    II. - Your Financials Should Be In Order, so that when Isaiah 60:8-9 is fulfilled, you can: "Bring your silver and gold with you." Rather than be destitute and a burden upon your own spiritual brothers.

    III. - What About ' The Rapture '? There isn't going to be one! { Wasn't Israel still in Egypt - during the plagues against Pharoah... or, was Noah taken away before The Flood? Why not read Revelation 7:14?}

    IV. - There Isn't Any Mystery Concerning The Word Of God? Then why did Yahshua speak to everyone - other than His disciples In Parables? Perhaps, you should look it up!

    V. - His purpose Isn't: ' Reconciliation With Mankind... ' It's: ' The Reconciliation Of Mankind To Himself ' - I might note - that's a very significant difference!

    Ahava and Shalom.

  4. True, this world has its end coming soon and our treasure must be of Gods not in this earthly pleasure of gold and silver. Very nice spiritual article.



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