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If you have enjoyed the articles on "Peace And Safety In Tumultuous Times," then you may be interested to know that Francis R. Barbour maintains more than one blog site and also finds time to write for other readily available online sources as well. If that is the case, then this page is definitely for you....

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       Other Blogs By Francis R. Barbour:
      • Abbeville Journal and Review - is a news and editorial blog about Abbeville, South Carolina. Abbeville is more than just your average small American town in many unique and historical ways. For one thing, it was "The Birthplace and Gravesite of The Southern Confederacy..." and for another, it's the town in which I continue to happily reside. 
      • Real American Truth - is more of a Current Events and Issue Driven site from a Traditional American Perspective. As such, it is far less historically oriented and philosophical about our current American dilemmas.
      • The Truth About America - is a blog which combines equal doses of: Traditional Philosophy, Political Editorial, and Social Commentary regarding The United States of America.
      • The Truth About God - is a blog which seeks to: Teach, Instruct, and Assist other Judeo-Christian Believers from The Sacred Scriptures [alone]. The sole premise being, that, if Yahweh didn't: Command, Write, Speak, or Authorize it - then it isn't scriptural... and if, Yahshua didn't: Live, Teach, or Walk it - then it isn't Christian, either.


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