Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Lessons Of Love From Our Neighbors: Amsterdam, Netherlands

As far as, "Lessons Of Love" go, The Free Hugs Campaign never fails to simply amaze me. It is truly inspiring to see the changes factually occurring in a: cold, disdainful, and largely skeptical public - as these guys hit the streets with their homemade signs. At first come the looks of contempt and abhorrent disgust for these apparent kooks running wild in the city streets... then the more mild looks of general, but obvious, distrust... then a solitary individual will invariably brave the glare of his/her fellow pedestrians as he/she embraces another human being [a total stranger] in public... and everyone relaxes and begins to enjoy each others fellowship for merely what it is... strangers reaching out in LOVE for one another's Non-Judgmental Companionship.

Another Free Hugs campaign... this time it was conducted by the youth in Amsterdam.

I guess what strikes me the most is that - being a person who exhibits my own love through physical touch - I frequently am in need of such fulfilling emotional contact. Alas, my own children have grown into adults and now lead their own lives... when I [infrequently] see them, they are hesitant to even sheepishly embrace me... and that once incredible emotional closeness is now gone, conceivably forever! Hearing an "I Love You" over the phone, or receiving a sentimental card, just isn't the same thing. Like many older parents, I find myself asking why children can't stay small forever... and yet, this is the natural cycle of life.

Perhaps, I'll make myself a sign saying, "Free Hugs," and walk the downtown streets of Abbeville, South Carolina? What do you think? I'm sure my [more conservative] neighbors will also think that I'm nuts. But if I can get that very first hug, I too might finally lighten the mood around here just a bit... and, in this political and economic climate, that would be a magnificent feat in itself! Don't you think? Besides, there's always those Free Hugs to consider... and, then again, we can all use some Lessons In Love! ;0)

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