Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Lessons Of Love From Our Neighbors: Amsterdam, Netherlands

As far as, "Lessons Of Love" go, The Free Hugs Campaign never fails to simply amaze me. It is truly inspiring to see the changes factually occurring in a: cold, disdainful, and largely skeptical public - as these guys hit the streets with their homemade signs. At first come the looks of contempt and abhorrent disgust for these apparent kooks running wild in the city streets... then the more mild looks of general, but obvious, distrust... then a solitary individual will invariably brave the glare of his/her fellow pedestrians as he/she embraces another human being [a total stranger] in public... and everyone relaxes and begins to enjoy each others fellowship for merely what it is... strangers reaching out in LOVE for one another's Non-Judgmental Companionship.

Another Free Hugs campaign... this time it was conducted by the youth in Amsterdam.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Idolatry Looms Large In America And God's Blessings Dry Up

Lady Liberty meting out her own brand of justice....
Idolatry looms large in America... for all of our protestations, otherwise, we possess numerous significant idols - as a nation. They include: Money, Fame, Power, and Success - among others. But the greatest, of all our idols, is Government! Americans fully believe that: "Man-Made Governments can provide the solution to anything..." and, over time, we've placed everything into their [seemingly] capable hands. Our leaders have become "The New Priesthood" - who stand to constantly intercede for us, before this Strange New God. Two divergent parties control The Priesthood: Our Sadducee Democrats [who believe there will never be an actual judgment], and Our Pharisaical Republicans [who speak great and inspiring things, but don't do anything that they ever effectually say].

America likes this New God much more than Yahweh, for they perceive her as being very very strong. She asks no one to give her a simple ten percent tithe... hell, she demands double that [as the tribute fully due her] and will use physical force to ensure that she invariably gets it. Nor, does she ask her followers to be generous and charitable... she can [merely] take whatever she wants and then pass it on to yet others. In battle she vanquishes all others, through her very powerful technological magics... and her servants are protected, by her various miraculous enchantments! Who on Earth can stand against her and yet live? Meanwhile, all of the nations on Earth honestly tremble before her....

Sunday, July 11, 2010

New Article On Prayer Posted At "The Truth About God"

Prayer is often our only outlet in times of need....
Although it makes no sense for me to re-post an article written to one of my other blogs sites, I have just uploaded one entitled:  "Effective And Fervent Prayer Avails Much" - on my other blog, called: The Truth About God - that definitely bears mentioning. If you are one of the millions of Judeo-Christian Believers who have had a less than dynamic prayer life, in the past, then this article is definitely intended for you. After having read it, please take your time to leave me a comment regarding what you think. It will only take a moment of your time, but such reader input is invaluable.

Having attended numerous denominations over the course of my life, and having experienced their spiritual fare, I highly doubt that you will have read anything similar in any mainstream church. The entire message is upon prayer and it delves very deeply into the subject. If your prayers have gone seemingly unanswered, then it's about time you found out [precisely] why... don't you agree? Anyway, please visit The Truth About God and enjoy this particular article.


Friday, July 9, 2010

Tumultuous Times Are All Around Us!

Tumultuous Times are all around us... there are Wars and [even] Rumors Of Wars... the people of Earth are uniting and calling for much faster political actions... a distressing call for "Peace And Safety" is swiftly arising all across the globe! We are worried that our planet may be [factually] destroyed in any number of ways... and we are even now forging our very own chains of impending political and societal bondage. The New World Order is rising, and although few take it to heart, it isn't "New" at all....

In fact, the "New World Order" is actually a: Religious, Political, and Economic System - from very long ago in man's distant past! It is the Utopian Dream Of King Nimrod and his Mysterious Masonic Priesthood to rebuild that which Yahweh has so long ago interrupted - by confusing their common Babylonian/Chaldean language. Moreover, this Trinitarian Organization is comprised of three distinct powers and authorities: The Freemasons, The Illuminati, and The Universal Church. Let's, see how the scriptures describe her:
  • "Mystery, Babylon The Great, The Mother Of Harlots" - Revelation 17:5.

The Three Great Pyramids, and yet one is bigger?

Friday, July 2, 2010

Two Olive Branches Boasting Against The One Fruitful Tree

Olive Trees in the vine dresser's garden.
Yahweh's "Two Olive Branches" must stop their incessant boasting against one another... for it is extremely offensive to Yahweh, and a stumbling block for many of His numerous children at large. Moreover, each of you possesses one God-given Key which Yahweh has given to unlock the access to His kingdom. By examining each others pieces of the puzzle, we can come to the fullness of understanding which He so desperately desires us to have. For the time is now very short indeed, and He will have His "Two Olive Branches" - as, so frequently spoken of, by His servants the prophets!

Both The Native And The Wild Olive Branches factually belong to the one who owns the entire orchard. He shall graft whatever branch He chooses into whatever tree He desires. And what can the branches themselves [honestly] do about it? The vanity of one branch boasting against another is wickedness in the eyes of "The Vine Dresser." Get over it, already!


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