Friday, January 7, 2011

Preparing For An Inevitable Future

The "End Times" are now here....
Since we are already in the early stages of Revelation's Third Sealing Event - which has been brought about by the forces of "Babylon The Great" in the forming of its New World Order - there is now very little time to prepare for what is so rapidly approaching. However, those [now] awakening to this new set of circumstances need not panic and fear. For, Yahweh still watches over His Own People and He has provided for those who will Honestly and Faithfully Listen!

Although many have effectively placed their trust in Silver and Gold - in their natural understanding of where our world is headed - the poor man need not actually acquire such things. In fact, they may provide a significant stumbling block towards your eventual success. The "End Time Period" will absolutely require both Physical and Spiritual Adaptation upon the part of Yahweh's children; and trusting in one's wealth alone is a very serious trap for most people!


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